Studying at Nakheel Centre

Exam time is once again upon us. If you’re drowning in a sea of study notes, a change of scene is key to exam success. Spend your time wisely at Nakheel Centre, a different place to study. Study well, eat well and relax well at the heart of new Saar. Nakheel Centre has you covered for exam time cram time.

When it comes to a study space, Nakheel Centre’s Esquires has it all. Get a great coffee or tea made to your liking and have it brought upstairs to your “desk”. Esquires at Nakheel Centre hosts a range of great seating options. Single tables are plentiful, each equipped with outlets for charging laptops and phones. For study groups, take advantage of the numerous couches and sofas. Esquires has plenty of table top space for you to spread your flashcards, practice tests, notebooks and laptops. Plus, there is plenty of natural light – no flickering fluorescents or dim areas will strain your peepers during crunch time.

Starbucks is a mainstay of students the world over. You always know exactly what you’re getting, and you never have to wonder if they’ll be out of your favorite drink. Starbucks at Nakheel Centre is a different place for your next caffeinated study session. Studying here during mornings of study leave make for a relaxed and engaging setting to get your work done.

Take the stress out of studying at Nakheel Centre, the heart of new Saar. Nakheel Centre is a different place for exam preparation. Great food and coffee fuel you up right to do your best work. The open air atmosphere of the heart of new Saar fills your study space with great natural light. Nakheel Centre is a different place to get your best grades. Visit us today.