School is in Session at Nakheel

Back to school season is arguably the busiest time of the year for families. You’ve got books and stationary to buy, uniforms to fit, backpacks to pack…the list goes on. As hectic as it may be to get your kids back to school on time and in style, Nakheel Centre makes it a cinch to be prepared.

Nakheel Centre is conveniently located just across the street from the St. Christopher’s School Saar Campus. So, Nakheel Centre is the single most convenient location to get your kids ready for back to school. Nakheel Centre is also the best place for parents to relax and unwind for a bit after the hectic school drop off. Or, run some errands while waiting for the after school pick up.

School preparations become incredibly easy with Zak’s Uniforms located at Nakheel Centre. Zak’s Uniforms caters to students from St. Christopher’s School as well as Capital School. Zak’s Uniforms provides St. Christopher’s School uniforms for students all the way up to Year 11. They also stock ties for Sixth Form Dress Code as well as P.E Kits. For Capital School, Zak’s Uniforms provide uniforms for students up to Year 6.

Say goodbye to hectic and stressful school runs! School runs can now become fun for the whole family with Nakheel Centre. After dropping kids off at St. Christopher’s Saar Campus, you may have some time to kill. Parents are more than welcome to drop by Nakheel Centre to get together for a post-dropoff, pre-work coffee and chat at Starbucks or Esquires Coffee. Start your day right with friends and a caffeine boost after you’ve seen your little ones off to school safe and sound.

With Nakheel Centre the school run has never been easier or more fun for the entire family. Come visit us today and see for yourselves!