Get healthy with Seed

Nakheel Centre is a different place to feel your best self. As the heart of new Saar, we have what it takes to put your wellness first. Seed at Nakheel Centre is proud to be a part of this shift. Seed offers Bahrain its very first one stop shop health food store and restaurant. Eat, drink and live your healthiest life at Nakheel Centre, a different place to be well.

Stop by Nakheel Centre’s Seed to enjoy fresh, made to order juices in our open air neighbourhood mall in the heart of new Saar. Select from our fresh and delightful sandwiches, salads, chia breakfast bowls and more. Seed at Nakheel Centre looks to service Bahrain’s ever growing healthful population. At Nakheel Centre’s Seed, you can eat, drink and indulge in a delicious meal without guilt. Seed also offers a retail section of health food alternatives that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Seed at Nakheel Centre is a different place to put health first.

At Seed, every single ingredient used is listed. You always know exactly what is in the juices and smoothies, or sandwiches and salads. This is fantastic for people with allergies or dietary restrictions. Seed also have plenty of vegan options.
Seed smoothie and juice bar features fresh fruit “buffet” style counters. Smoothies and juices are easy to customize, or you can opt to build your own drink from scratch. Seed always sources top of the line, seasonal fruits and vegetables. All you need to do is pick which ingredients you’d like, sit back and enjoy. With Seed, Nakheel Centre is a different place to get nutritious and delicious meals.

Nakheel Centre is a different place for an immersive wellness experience. Seed at the Nakheel Centre offers a vibrant, healthful menu for breakfast, lunch, snacks and smoothies. Get healthy at the heart of new Saar. Visit Nakheel Centre today.