A Nod to Our Roots

Nakheel Centre is a different place to celebrate Bahrain. Nakheel Centre is different because it is set in traditional Bahraini architecture with a modern open-air atmosphere. If you look around Nakheel Centre, you’ll find nods to our roots all around the heart of new Saar. From the wind towers on the roof to the open air layout of Nakheel Centre itself, we pay homage to Bahraini traditions while adding a contemporary twist.

The wind towers of traditional Bahraini houses were placed on the roof at each corner of the building. These wind towers kept the house cool by trapping wind and circulating the cool air down a shaft into the building. This genius trick of architecture was especially handy during the scorching Bahraini summers. The wind towers on Nakheel Centre’s roof serve as decoration. They keep our open air mall reflective of traditional Bahraini architecture.

The open air layout of Nakheel Centre is no accident. Traditional Bahraini houses were centered around a courtyard in the middle of the building, with doors which opened out into a central garden. This kept the garden (and the people who enjoyed it!) away from the harsh summer elements.

The heart of new Saar has emulated the traditional Bahraini courtyards in the layout of our mall. We created Nakheel Centre as an open air neighborhood hangout, which could also serve as a reminder of Bahrain’s communal spirit.

Nakheel Centre is a different place to meet in the middle. People from all over come together  at the heart of new Saar for tea, coffee and great conversations. Nakheel Centre’s different design brings tradition together with the contemporary, without ever sacrificing style. That is Nakheel Centre’s nod to our roots.

Nakheel Centre is a different place to bring tradition and contemporary together. Come by the heart of new Saar today!